• Rolls by static casting or centrifugal casting, applicable to various types of long products mills, such as sections and bar & wire. Material varies from traditional SGP, Adamite, cast steel, HSS to Kaida’s special NCC, SGP+Mo.
• Work rolls, intermediate rolls, backup rolls, Sendzimir rolls for various cold rolling strip mills and hot rolling strip mills, applicable to rolling of carbon steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metal of copper and aluminum. Material includes 3%Cr, 5%Cr, ICDP, HiCr series.
• Sleeves by centrifugal casting and shaft of forged steel, applicable to various sections and rail & beam mills. Material covers SGP, SGA, adamite and Kaida’s special K Metal, GT adamite.

√ We are a mill rolls manufacturer of 36-year experience, sold to more than 200 steel mills in 40-countries.

√ We are the biggest manufacturer of rolls for section mills in China. Sold 40,000 MT of cast & forged rolls so far this year and counting..We are honored as the chairman of China Roll Industry Council.

√ Kaida Roll has a number of patents, awarded with ISO9001 quality management system certification.

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